This project is realised under the honorary patronage of the Polish Polar Consortium /projekt realizowany pod patronatem honorowym Polskiego Konsorcjum Polarnego/:


We would like to honour our expedition partners on this page:

Research and exploration grants:


National Geographic Society’s Science and Exploration Grant (GEFNE174-16) is our primary funding source. National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 with the purpose to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge. Nowadays, it is among the largest non-profit organisations in science and education worldwide. Since 1888 they have also been publishing the famous National Geographic Magazine.


Percy Sladen Memorial Fund,  a trust fund administered by the Linnean Society of London, commemorating the marine biologist Percy Sladen (1849-1900). Our fieldwork has been counted among their supported causes.


Project partners:


Gdansk University of Technology / Politechnika Gdańska, with a history dating back to 1899, will host the sample analysis of this project. We will be in close cooperation with Prof. Polkowska’s group, with achievements in the environmental monitoring and protection worldwide, including the Arctic.


BlackYak is a brand of outdoor apparel and gear, designed for extreme conditions, especially for Himalayan expeditions, with a tradition dating back to a shop opened in Seoul in 1973. In 2015 they entered the European market, winning more than twenty ISPO awards in only two years. We are very happy that our team will be equipped with their extreme clothes collection on the traverse!



Alfa Outdoor, a company who has been manufacturing skiing and trekking boots in Norway since 1931, has decided to help us find the best footwear for this endeavour. Our female team will wear Alfa Polar A/P/S footwear.

LYOfood logo

LYOfood is an outdoor food manufacturer with a passion for quality. The food is not only light in weight, but also composed of natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial additives. It shows in the taste and nutritious value of the food, which is an important difference for a long traverse like the one we plan.



Cumulus is a company set up in Gdynia, Poland, specialising in down gear, especially sleeping bags and clothes, with an ambition to make the lightest possible equipment. Thanks to them, we will get 3 expedition sleeping bags Excuistic 1400 with a generous discount. This sleeping bag weighs <2 kg, while protecting at the extreme from temperature -46°C.

(Cumulus to firma z Gdyni, specjalizująca się w wyrobach puchowych, takich jak śpiwory i ubrania. Dzięki nim otrzymamy 3 śpiwory ekspedycyjne przeznaczone do warunków arktycznych (Excuistic 1400) z hojną zniżką. Śpiwory te ważą poniżej 2 kg przy ekstremum -46°C.)

primus-logoPrimus is a pioneer outdoor cooking equipment company with a long tradition (since 1892), proud to have produced stoves for the first conquerors of both South Pole and Mount Everest.

sportalbert_baum_www_starkeschrift_logoSport Albert Tannenbergsthal is a shop with a wide online catalogue, having specialised in Nordic ski sports for 25 years. They supply a range of skis, boots, clothes, accessories and training gear, e.g. rollerskis.

AlpinSport logo_OK

Alpinsport – sklep górski, wyłączny dystrybutor marek: Mountain Hardwear, Lowa, Osprey, Vaude, Edelrid, Ternua, Lorpen i RMD w Polsce. Prowadzi sprzedaż butów, plecaków, kurtek, koszulek, rękawic, polarów, bluz, spodni, namiotów i innych akcesoriów górskich – w internecie oraz w sklepach stacjonarych w Zakopanem. Dzięki firmie Alpinsport nasza wyprawa będzie mogła używać najwyższej jakości namiotów wyprawowych.
(Alpinsport – outdoor wear and equipment shop, with branches in Zakopane, Poland, and with internet sales for the Polish market. Our expedition will be supported with the high quality expedition tents that can be found in Alpinsport shops.)

dobra kaloria logo croppedDobra kaloria is a brand name for bars by KUBARA Sp. z o.o., made of natural ingredients, such as grains, nuts and fruit. They are free from GMO or artificial enhancers. During the traverse, they will supply the necessary energy, vitamins and microelements.
Polska strona firmy KUBARA



Szpej 4×4 to sklep turystyczno-offroadowy z Piaseczna, dystrybutor przeróżnych przydatnych w podróży rzeczy, od kuchenek i jedzenia turystycznego, poprzez sprzęt biwakowy po elektronikę przydatną na trasie. Dzięki nim będziemy miały panel słoneczny i dużej pojemności powerbank.
(A Polish online shop with tourist and offroad accessories, distributing multiple useful items from camping gear to traveller’s electronics. Thanks to them, we’ll have a solar panel and a powerbank.)

We would like to honour here also our gold-level supporters from the crowdfunding campaign:



Sarah Stokoe

Many thanks for standing by us!

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