Our unsupported traverse of Greenland will be undertaken on skis to minimise the potential for contamination. We expect it to be hard work, pulling all we need on our sleds and dealing with the harsh and variable spring weather and surface conditions. Also, our sleds will not get much lighter over time, as the food that we eat will be replaced with the snow samples we are collecting along the way!

Our route follows the steps of Fridtjof Nansen, who was the first explorer to cross the ice sheet in 1888. The date of his crossing coincides with the year National Geographic Society was founded, which gives us an extra reason to pursue this goal with their support. It seems to be a good way to commemorate the 130th anniversary of his crossing!


Nansen wanted to do his route more on the north (Angmagssalik – Disko Bay) but sea ice didn’t allow him to start traversing according to his original plan. He started therefore 150 km further south in Umivik Bay keeping in mind his original goal – Christianshåb at Disko Bay. After several days going north-west he realised that it would be too difficult to follow his original plan, and he turned southwest and went towards Godthåb (Nuuk) instead. This route, traversing from Umivik to Nuuk is the path we will follow. Other skiers often go from Angmagssalik/Isortoq – to Kangerlussuaq, which is conventionally called the Nansen’s route.

Blog posts about the traverse: